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Who We Are

“Women Like Us Inc., operates as a non-profit organization under the Federal 501(c)(3) code.” Founded in 2017 by Tamisa Hunter, who was determined to inspire, motivate and empower other women to become their best selves despite their despairing situations, resource limitations, and personal shortcomings. The leaders of Women Like Us help women achieve phenomenal transformations, unite women despite hardships, and liberate women from their past failures. These transformations are accomplished through bible study, roundtable discussions, special occasion celebrations, and bonding events such as girls’ night out. Women come to realize that who they were does not impede who they are, and through Women Like Us fellowship they can become even more than they ever imagined.

Women Like Us mentorship provides instruction and guidance on being self-sufficient and accountable, discovering motivation to achieve more than before, understanding self-governance and creating personal rules for success. Women Like Us help women of all color, creeds, and backgrounds to discover their purpose, develop family-oriented objectives, and improve on existing relationships. Even small improvements in these areas of a woman’s life results in women being able to lead amazing lives, raise children single-handedly, or become the wives they have always dreamed to be through God’s amazing grace and promise.

Our work is to remind women to

BE bold, be audacious. be themselves.



Women Like Us is a support system that advocates the Word of God to all women of all cultures and nationalities. Through this organization, women gain higher self-esteem, a positive self-image and self-confidence that enable them to pursue a purposeful life. Because we are women of God, we allow God’s will to guide our lives. We are all that God has created us to be, and we bring forth life, dignity, and perseverance in our everyday walk with God.




Women Like Us hosts several events throughout the year for women in the Dallas, Texas area. Our programs seek to bring women together to share their stories in the hopes of gaining confidence to become the women God has designed them to be. By coming together, we can become our best selves through support, empowerment and simply discovering that we are not alone.

Our events include:

• Monthly Bible meetings
• Intimate roundtable discussions
• Gatherings of women to share their experiences while sharing a meal
• Birthday celebrations
• Quarterly girls’ nights out


Your life Is Your Runway


how to help

Women Like Us is powered by our faithful volunteers and generous donations. Your tax deductible donation will help us ensure that we have the resources to empower women by providing a safe place to build confidence in recognizing their innate beauty, discovering who they are in Christ and tackling the strongholds and soul ties we face as everyday women.

We relay on grants, individual donations, corporate sponsorship and special event program fees to run our organization.


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