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Tamisa Hunter
Founder & CEO


Tamisa, a businesswoman, servant-leader, and loving wife of 20+ years, is a survivor of domestic abuse, and founded Women Like Us, Inc. in 2017. Tamisa delivers a successful transformational program that has grown in leaps in bounds. Tamisa has found her calling as a successful business woman, creating a thriving brand that demonstrates her gifts of speaking, certified life coaching, teaching, and even fashion design. Tamisa is tireless in her pursuits and has empowered women and teens girls of every background. She has been featured on Heaven 97 KHVN, 95.3 Jamz, PRAISE 98FM JAMZ and numerous other radios, television and magazines both nationally and locally, in the southwest and spreading the word of God, supporting women to become their best selves, and showing that she is the role model of a woman destined for greatness who transformed her life into one with great promise.

Tamisa speaks about God and how He changed her life. Sharing her own testimony, she teaches at local schools, reaches out to at-risk teen girls demonstrates that once each young girl understands her worth and begins to deepen her own self-love, she will begin to transform her previous hopeless story and acquire skills that will be life sustaining. Tamisa knows the fundamental principles of God’s mercy, self-love, and overcoming barriers will contribute to acquiring a better quality of life. Tamisa leverages life coaching to reach many teens and women, and their success stories motivate her to continue to reach others encouraging them to live a better life as God has destined them to live.

By sharing her insight through women support groups, conferences, and business engagements, Tamisa has become a vital, high demand servant leader, speaker, coach and consultant. Tamisa celebrates her testimony of how she overcame many obstacles, overcame low self-esteem, and overcame domestic abuse. Through her testimony of overcoming, she has become a trusted advisor building relationships with women who learn that their test can become their testimony as well, and that when life brings you to your knees, stand up and run faster than you ever have before, as God covers you with his mercy.

Tamisa’s purpose is clear: help women and young girls to become who God designed them to be. Her faith is a tremendous foundation for this purpose. Tamisa enjoys spending time with family and friends and has realized her dream of seeing other women overcome barriers in their life and continues to serve God’s purpose for her own life.


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